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Superior Thinking

                  Superior Thinking:Major(R)Khalid Nasr
                  The mark of the superior thinker is his or her ability to
                  accurately predict the consequences of doing or not doing
                  something. The potential consequences of any task or act
                  activity are the key determinants of how important it is
                  to you and to your company. 
                  Tips for Superior Thinking:
                  1.Long Time Perspective:Long time perspective turns out
                  to be more important than family background, education, ra
                  race, intelligence, connections or virtually any other single
                  factor in determining your success in life and at work.
                  Your attitude toward time,has an impact on your behaviour. People who
                  take the long view of their lives and careers always seem
                  to make much better decisions about their time and activities
                  than people who give very little thought to the future.
                  2.Think About Your Future:Successful people have a clear future orientation. They think
                  five, ten and twenty years out into the future. They analyze
                  their choices and behaviors in the present to make sure that
                  they are consistent with the long-term future that they
                  In your work, having a clear idea of what is really important
                  to you in the long-term makes it much easier for you to make
                  better decisions about your priorities in the short-term.
                  3.Determine the Consequences:Something that is important has long-term
                  potential consequences. Something that is unimportant has few
                  or no long-term potential consequences. Before starting on
                  anything, you should always ask yourself, “What are the
                  potential consequences of doing or not doing this task?”
                  The clearer you are about your future intentions, the greater
                  influence that clarity will have on what you do in the moment.
                  With a clear long-term vision, you are much more capable of
                  evaluating an activity in the present and to assure that it is
                  consistent with where you truly want to end up.
                  4.Make It A Top Priority:If there is a task or activity with large potential positive
                  consequences, make it a top priority and get started on it
                  immediately. If there is something that can have large
                  potential negative consequences if it is not done quickly and
                  well, that becomes a top priority as well. Whatever your frog
                  is, resolve to gulp it down first thing.
                  5.Keep Motivated: Motivation requires motive. The greater the positive potential
                  impact that an action or behavior of yours can have on your
                  life, once you define it clearly, the more motivated you will
                  be to overcome procrastination and get it done quickly.
                  Thinking continually about the potential consequences of your
                  choices, decisions and behaviors is one of the very best ways
                  to determine you true priorities in your work and personal


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Empowering Others

Empowering Others:Major(R)Khalid Nasr
                                                                                                 Empowering people is the key to building a high-performance team. 1.Get the Cooperation of Others:Empowering people is the key to building a high-performance team. Once you empower people by learning how to motivate and inspire them, they will want to work with you to help you achieve your goals in everything you do. Your ability to enlist the knowledge, energy and resources of others enables you to become a multiplication sign, to leverage yourself so that you accomplish far more than the average person and in far shorter period of time.
2.Determine the Key People to Empower:There are three types of people that you want to and need to empower on a regular basis. They are, first of all, the people closest to you: your family, your friends, your spouse and your children. Second are your work relationships: your staff,your coworkers, your peers and your colleagues . Third are all the other people that you interact with inyour day-to-day life: your customers, your suppliers, your banker, the people with whom you deal in stores, restaurants,airplanes, hotels and everywhere else. In each case, your ability to get people to help you is what will make you a more
powerful and effective person.
3.Always Be Positive:Empower means “putting power into,” and it can also mean “bringing energy and enthusiasm out of.” So the first step in
empowering people is to refrain from doing anything that disempowers them or reduces their energy and enthusiasm for what they are doing.
There are things you can do every single day to empower people and make them feel good about themselves.
4.Satisfy the Deepest Needs:The deepest need that each person has is for self-esteem, sense of being important, valuable and worthwhile. Everything that you do in your interactions with others affects their
self-esteem in some way. You already have an excellent frame of reference to determine the things that you can do to boost the self-esteem and therefore the sense of personal power of those around you. Give them what you’d like for yourse 5.Continually Express Appreciation:Perhaps the simplest way to make another person feel good about himself or herself is your continuous expressions of appreciation for everything that person does for you, large or small. Say “thank you” on every occasion.

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